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Prom Photos, Wedding Photography, Father Daughter Dance

Wedding & Event Photography

Whether I'm working from a list of must-haves you created or drawing on my experience, I'll make sure we get the perfect shot every time, capturing the moments with clarity and emotion.  I'll preserve the memories from your wedding or special event with the same passion, respect and professionalism as if they were my own.  

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Session Photography

In the age of smartphone cameras it is easy to forget about professional photography services but as many find out, those images often get lost on devices and when printed usually leave a desire for something more.  I will capture lasting, masterpiece quality family portraits that can be cherished for generations, professional head shots for your business and social networks, product and marketing photography as well as modeling sessions.  All session photography will take place outside of a studio in the comfort of your home, business or in natural surroundings.

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Yosemite Valley, Bridal Veil falls, Half Dome, El Capitan

High End Gallery Photography

Constantly pushing and improving my knowledge and skill, like any artist I have an immense amount of pride in my gallery quality photography.  I have an affinity for all genres and find it hard to stick with any particular subject or style.  Have a look through my gallery and you'll find just about everything.  Inquire about prints.  


Jeff Becker Portrait

My Story

I was born and raised in Upstate New York in a place called Schenectady, famous for being the home of the headquarters for General Electric and formerly the American Locomotive Company.  I grew up long after its heyday of being, "The city that Lights and Hauls the world."  During my junior and senior years of high school I attended an off campus vocational school where I trained in college level Photography & Graphic Design courses.  I continued with these fields during higher education in Utica, NY.  I came up during a unique time for photography as I learned the time tested analog film & darkroom techniques as well as witnessing and embracing the start of the digital revolution that has become the industry standard.  In 2011 after many years living and working in the Northeast I made a lifestyle change and moved to the stunningly beautiful Mendocino Coast in Northern California where I currently reside.                     

Jeff Becker with George Pataki in the Red Room of the New York State Capitol building.

My Experience

I have been taking photos professionally since the turn of the century.  Shortly after school I became employed as Senior Photographer for the New York State Legislature where I documented the daily workings of State government and historic events.  Through that network I also took freelance jobs providing photography for many political  campaigns for positions from Mayor to President.  After having exclusively worked for many years photographing New York State government and its political scene I decided to start my own business in a new location in Northern California: offering my services to the public for the first time.  Since then I have worked on projects for the Redwood Forest Foundation, had photos published in SFGate and provided production stills for a Leonardo DiCaprio produced documentary on climate change.      

Milky Way galaxy at Mono Lake

My Photos

I am comfortable with many locations and photography styles. The photograph style may differ from assignment to assignment, but my commitment to quality and craft is unwavering.  Outside of working for clients, I am always capturing moments and scenes with my camera wherever I go, with a fevered passion and excitement to see what amazing light my sensor will gather next.  Please see my portfolio gallery for examples of my work.


J. Becker Photography


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